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Our laboratory, Wonderlab by Latro, has started its activities with the aim of bringing innovation and a different attitude to the sector. Wonderlab, which we have opened as a service laboratory, has been designed as a platform for our customers to provide their own work independently, the equipment to apply the necessary tests and applications.

For us, Wonderlab is our playground, where we have been able to access the demands and processes we observe in the sector in a shorter way, to open the value-benefit curve, to try products in different sectors in processes that cannot be imagined, sometimes to be mistaken, and sometimes to say "this is it".

Thanks to Wonderlab by Latro, we are happy to be able to produce innovative solutions for many different sectors such as cosmetics, textile, agriculture, printing and electronics and crown this success with the award in the category of Innovation Organization and Culture we have received. While we facilitate the lives of our collaborators, we are among the new generation systems.

In the changing world every day; While ensuring the adaptation of project management systems, smart technologies, methods that will accelerate us, we also take science with simple methodologies. Therefore, we do not miss Lean 6 Sigma methodology and scrum applications from our lives. We are making every effort to expand the triangle of benefit, value, and development that we strengthen with you. Hope to enjoy together,