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New Generation Silicone Fluids

New generation silicone oils are the 4th generation silicone oils which provide outstanding silkiness and softness to a variety of fabrics. New generation silicone oils may be used on synthetics fabrics, cotton and polyester blends, polyester fleece, and wool. They are water dispersible and can be effective with a dosage level of three or four times lower than amino silicone fluids. They can minimize the problem of yellowing, shear stability, and thermal migration. The softness provided by ABn linear copolymer softener is durable for numerous detergent washes. Also, fabrics treated with the ABn linear copolymer silicone oils are not hydrophobic. It imparts a slow-wetting character to fabrics.

Key features and benefits:

  • Generally self-emulsifiable polymers
  • Maintain fastnesses up to 160 C
  • No yellowing, no negative effect on the shade of dark color fabrics
  • Non-ionic character
  • No thermal migration of dispersed dyes on polyester
  • Stable up to pH 10, which results in a distinct increase in process security
  • Good stability under most finishing conditions include jet application
  • Re-processable and re-dyeable
  • Easy to handle
  • Effective at low dosage levels
  • Washing durability
  • Provide silkiness, luxury hand feeling on synthetic fabrics
  • Homogeneous coverage on synthetics