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Micro Silicone Emulsions

Silicone emulsions are differentiated by their particle size. Depending on the particle size, there are 3 different types of emulsions: micro, semi-macro and macro.

Micro silicone emulsions have a particle size up to 50 nm, they are transparent and stable in appearance. Depending on the particle size, the effects of silicones on fabrics also vary. Due to their small particle size, they penetrate into the fiber and the fabric deeply. In addition to providing surface slipperiness, they give superior softness and wrinkle-free properties.

Micro silicone emulsions are thermodynamically stable, even when containing amino functional silicone oils.

Key properties of micro silicone emulsions:

  • Transparent appearance
  • Generally low viscosity
  • Plumping and lubricious touch
  • Effective fabric softening
  • Can cause yellowing on textile (depending on the silicone polymer)
  • Bright and glossy effect on fabric
  • Optical and resin strength
  • Can be used in padding (foulard) systems
  • Can be cationic, slightly cationic or nonionic (depending on silicone polymer)
  • Prevents adhesion