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Silicone Embossing

In the printing industry, silicone embossing refers to a method of pressing an image onto the fabric to create a three-dimensional design by using personalized metal mold under pressure and heat.

Texts, logos, and other images can all be formed by the embossing process. The silicone embossing allows us to make various prints that we could not have imagined.

Latro offers embossing silicones which are two-component addition curing silicone elastomers. After mixing the two components, the material cures by an addition reaction at room temperature. The cure rate can be accelerated significantly by heat. It is formulated in order to have the suitable viscosity range for the embossing process. Since it is highly moldable, the pattern will remain stable for a long time after leaving the press machine.

The main benefits and key features for our embossing silicone are:

  • Low viscosity and ease of processability
  • Molding durability
  • Smooth surface due to its impurity
  • No by-product release
  • Excellent adhesion between fabrics
  • Superior washing and ironing durability
  • Transparent
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • No bleeding through the fabric
  • Long pot life under dynamic stress

Improve your production:
Latro embossing silicone is thixotropic, so it does not migrate or bleed under the fabric. It also allows the squeegee to move faster. Its pot life at room temperature is 48 hours, so the discarded quantity of silicone during the application is lower than the competitors. The drying can be decreased by 6 to 8 seconds by incorporating specific agents.

Please contact us to learn more about our embossing silicone and its applications.