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Injection Printing

Injection printing is the process of filling liquid material into the metal mold and pressing it onto the fabric by the effect of heat and pressure to make the texts and logos with rubber. Silicone injection printing has become a popular printing application recently. Silicones have unique strength properties compared to other materials. For this reason, patterns made with silicone can be ironed, washed several times and do not deform over time.

Latro Injection Silicone is a two-component addition curable silicone elastomer which is specifically formulated for injection molding applications. It dries completely in the metal mold and does not need any mold release agent. It fully reflects the pattern in the metal mold and no air bubbles or crater formation is observed on the surface.

The key features for this injection printing silicone are:

  • Excellent strength properties (elongation, heat resistance, washing and ironing durability)
  • No air bubble on the surface
  • Molding durability
  • Superior tear and tensile strength
  • Great adhesion
  • Long pot life under dynamic stress

Improve your production:
Time and cost savings are made by using Latro Injection Silicone, which can be filled and applied faster and more easily compared to other injection silicones. The pot life is 48 hours so it can be used during long hours of operation and even the day after. It has a strong molding durability because of the specific fillers it is containing. Therefore, after releasing the metal mold, the pattern remains stable without any deformation.