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Anti-Slip Printing

Anti-slip printing is an application that creates a non-slip, grip surface and prevents slipping. This application is generally used in the back heel and sole of socks, gloves and underwear. Thanks to this anti-slip printing, people do activities such as sports, yoga and dance with confidence.

The anti-slip silicone printing grips the ground strong, while it feels soft, that helps toddlers walk around safely. It holds the surface but does not make it difficult to step by sticking.

HyperTex Active 102 is specially designed for the printing of anti-slip socks. It is a solvent-free, flowable, two-component RTV silicone rubber. After mixing the HyperTex Active 102A and HyperTex Active 102B at a mix ratio of 1:1, the material will cure by an addition reaction at room temperature. The cure rate can be significantly accelerated by heat. It is a formulated silicone elastomer which does not contain any petroleum-based products and has the following benefits:

  • Excellent strength properties (elongation, heat resistance, washing durability, softness)
  • Easy colorability with silicone-based pigments
  • No air bubble on the surface
  • Excellent glossy appearance
  • Excellent soft touch

Improve your production:
The squeegees of the printing machine work with HyperTex Active 102 easily because of its appropriate viscosity. Due to its thixotropic behavior, it won't migrate and pass through the socks. The adhesivity between the silicone and the sock is very strong and the silicone won't be removed from the fabric. If the pattern height is desired to be higher, HyperTex Fix 40 can be added to the silicone mixture. After printing with HyperTex Active 102, the surface will be smooth with no craters or traces, due to the special fillers in the formulation.

Anti-slip silicone printings offer sustainable solutions. They are much more environmentally friendly than PVC and other petroleum-based printing materials due to their strength properties (heat resistance, washing resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, softness). Silicones do not contain any toxic substances.