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Silicone Solutions

Latro offers a broad range of silicone products to provide excellent hair conditioning, silky and velvety sensory in skin care products as well as wash-off resistance and long-lasting in make-up products.

Our hair care ingredients will help you create products that will enhance combing, smoothen hair, boost volume, repair, and thermal protection.

W/Si emulsifiers, polymethylsilsesquioxane powders, elastomer gels, and other performance enhancers are commonly used in skin care, sun care, and color cosmetics products for unique and luxurious textures.

Basic Silicones

Our basic silicone range consists of cyclic silicones such as Cyclopentasiloxane (D5), gum blends (Dimethicone and Dimethiconol of high molecular weight) and Dimethicone oils with different viscosities (from 0.65 to 60.000 cSt).

Cyclopentasiloxane is a commonly used product in personal care formulations for its uniquely dry, non-greasy feel, spreadability, and volatility.

These silicone oils can be used in hair care products, such as hair serums, bi-phase hair conditioners, hair masks, leave-on, and rinse-off conditioners and special hair treatment products to increase shine, wet and dry combability, and softness. They are also being used in various skincare and color cosmetics formulations for their high spreadability and unique sensory.

Amino Functional and ABn Silicone Polymers

By inserting amino functional groups to polydimethylsiloxane polymers, the affinity to hair is increased. When the hair fiber is damaged, it is negatively charged and these products can deposit on the fiber thanks to their positive charges. This makes the hair smoother and softer, increases the combability, and reduces the fly-away.

ABn polymers are amino-functional silicone polymers that also contain ethylene oxide and propylene oxide functions. These products can be self-dispersed in water, so they don't require any emulsifiers to incorporate them in aqueous systems. Amino functional and ABn polymers increase volume, provide color and heat protection. They can also help to restore and repair by regaining the hydrophobicity of hair. This will also ensure durable conditioning and reduce the drying time of hair.

They will also help to protect the hair fiber during applications like bleaching and coloring, which makes them perfect candidates for not only consumer products but also for professional products.

Phenyl and Alkyl Modified Silicones

The insertion of phenyl groups on polydimethylsiloxane polymers increases the refractive index, which brings shine benefits to hair care or make-up formulations. They are highly appreciated in gloss and lipstick formulations because of their shine enhancement and compatibility with organic products.

Alkyl modified silicones have excellent compatibility with organic ingredients. Depending on their structure they can be highly volatile or non-volatile with non-greasy silky sensory. They have superior pigment dispersion benefits which make them perfect candidates for not only make-up products but also for make-up removing formulations.

Alkyl modified silicones with a high melting point can be used as a thickening agent for O/W and W/O emulsions. They have excellent lubricity and smooth, silky feel with high compatibility with organic ingredients.

Silicone Resins

Our silicone resin portfolio comprises of MQ and MT resins. These products are used for long-lasting, water repellency, and transfer resistance properties. They are very commonly used in color cosmetics products to create a long-lasting effect for pigments.

MT resins have a more flexible structure than MQ resins which will bring more comfort to the end-product.

Phenyl modified silicone resins bring excellent long-lasting glossy effect with non-migrating and non-tacky properties.

Emulsifiers and Structurants

Our polyether silicone copolymers with low HLB value will help you create stable W/Si emulsions for skin care and make-up products with enhanced sensory and pigment dispersion ability. They can be used alone or with a co-emulsifier depending on the nature of the formulation.

Our microgel structurant consists of a cationic silicone copolymer with a polyacrylate network, which makes it swellable with the addition of water. This versatile product can make you achieve various textures: from gels to lotions, from butter to powdery and bouncy textures. It can emulsify high contents of natural oils and butters, with a highly pleasant and fresh sensory.

Polymethylsilsesquioxanes and Boron Nitrides

Polymethylsilsesquioxane microspheres are a series of mono-dispersed, micro-fine spherical cross-linked siloxane particles. Their particle size varies from 2 to 11 microns. These microspheres provide a variety of optical effects and sensory benefits in cosmetic formulations. Their light scattering property affects the direct and diffused light on the skin and impacts skin appearance by hiding skin imperfections and improving glow and radiance of the skin. Reducing the contrast between imperfections and the skin will minimize the visual appearance of these flaws; this phenomenon is referred to as the "soft-focus effect". Due to this property, polymethylsilsesquioxane powders are frequently preferred in skin care formulations for an instant line-blurring effect and color cosmetics products such as foundations, concealers, and primers. Moreover, they have high oil absorption capacity, which makes them preferable for sebum control and mattifying products.

Our product range also includes an O/W emulsion of these microspheres, which is a multifunctional ingredient for water-based formulations. It is a very easy-to-use product which will provide an outstanding experience with moist-feel, line blurring, and powdery finish. It is highly recommended in water-based serums and sheet mask formulations.

Boron nitrides are powders in platelet forms, they are present in various crystal morphology and particle size. Depending on their structure, they provide translucent, semi-matte, pearlescent, matte or opaque effects. These platelets will improve skin care and make-up products by delivering superior lubricity and excellent adherence. The grades with higher particle sizes will allow light to reflect and result in a pearlescent or glittering finish. The hydrophilic grade of boron nitride will give an exceptional matte and opaque finish, which can be used not only in full coverage color cosmetics but also in skin tone evening or anti-redness skin care products.

Silicone Elastomers

Our elastomer gel range includes unique silicone crosspolymer networks swallowed in different types of carriers. They deliver an outstanding sensory experience in color cosmetics and skin care formulations. Depending on the network structure and the nature of the oil, they provide powdery or moisturizing and long-lasting silky feel. They are also used as a thickening agent in the oil phase. The matte-finish and line blurring effects are highly preferred in make-up primers.

The O/W emulsion of silicone crosspolymer is an easy-to-use product in aqueous formulations. It delivers an exceptional cushioning effect with velvety and soft skin after-feel.