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Rheology Modifiers

The rheological characteristics of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are important for production, packaging, filling, and storage. In the science of rheology, a fluid's changes are measured when there are actual forces induced. The viscosity of any liquid is defined as a measurement of the fluid's resistance to flow. The term rheology modifier refers to chemicals that modify the viscosity of any material. They are also known as thickening agents. Hectorites are very effective rheology modifiers with several advantages such as light color, low iron content, and high viscosity ability.


KOSPERSE series present a highly specialized portfolio of pre-dispersed gels for aqueous and non-aqueous formulations. KOSPERSE gels have high viscosity and shear thinning properties and thicken the formulations. This range includes pre-dispersed and activated systems made from a different type of solvents, enabling excellent dispersibility of additives with minimum shearing.