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Coated Pigments & Powders

Colorful and pleasantly touchable.
Latro has various high-quality powders and pigments to enhance your product's sensory. Manufactured by the liquid dispersion method, these powders have excellent quality and advanced dispersion properties. Depending on your formulation type, you can choose different coating materials for different types of pigments and powders such as talc, mica, sericite, or silica beads. Choose your own sensory with our sophisticated ingredients.

Latro is focusing on surface-treated pigments, extender pigments, and other powder groups. The surface treatment technology will bring many benefits such as:

  • Long-lasting
  • Stability in W/O emulsions and superior dispersion in the oil phase
  • Texture and sensory improvement on skin
  • Enhancement of affinity to skin
  • Skin protection: pH control, moisture balance

Lamellar Shaped Powders

Talc, sericite, and mica powders are in lamellar shape. One of the most important parameters for these powders is the "aspect ratio". The aspect ratio is defined as the ratio of the length to the thickness of the platelet. Powders with a lower aspect ratio provide more coverage and mattifying effect. The ones with a higher aspect ratio have more transparency and are shinier.

Depending on the particle size and the aspect ratio of these lamellar shaped powders, it is possible to have high whiteness or thin finish, matte texture, or glossy effects.

Spherical Powders

This product group includes silica beads with different particle sizes and nylon powder.

Silica beads can have high or low oil absorption property and give excellent rolling effect for all kinds of powder formulations. They provide an outstanding sensory experience with a soft and silky texture.

Nylon-12 with an average particle size of 12 microns has a high oil absorption capacity. It has a soft and powdery finish and is commonly used as a volumizing agent in mascara formulations.

Color Pigments

Our color pigment portfolio includes Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide grades (Yellow, Red, and Black), Chromium Oxide and Ultramarine grades (Violet, Blue, and Pink).

These pigments have high purity and very low heavy metal content. Depending on the surface treatment, they can be used in W/O emulsions, anhydrous dispersions, loose and pressed powders. The treatment technology allows them to have excellent dispersion and minimizes the stability or color change problems in the formulations.

Sunscreening Agents

Our inorganic sunscreening agent products comprise of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide powders, which allow UVA or UVB protection. The non-desired whiteness effect in the suncare formulations can be prevented by choosing the right sun-screening agent with the right particle size.