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Silicone Emulsions

Mold release agents are required in PET sheet productions before the thermoforming process. The main purpose is to provide anti-static effect, lubricity and uniform coverage on top of the pet sheet. There are 2 different types of these mold release agents: Silicone emulsions and anti-blocking agents. Silicone emulsions are generally used in PET sheet production.

There are two types of silicone emulsions for mold release. One of them is a micro emulsion which has a clear appearance and low viscosity. Its particle size is around 40 nm. Therefore, it provides homogeneous coverage with a transparent effect. The other type is a macro emulsion which has a white, opaque appearance. Some of the macro silicone emulsions cause a hazy effect and non-homogenous coverage on the PET sheet, but Latro Kimya offers solutions that provide homogeneous coverage and transparent effect on top of the PET sheet, even if the sheet is colored or transparent. Moreover, our micro and macro silicone emulsions provide an anti-static effect, they are FDA approved and have excellent stability, clear effect and uniform coverage. These products reduce the drying time in PET sheet production, provide surface smoothness, and do not stain on the sheet. They can be applied by padding, nozzles, spraying, and kiss roll.

Key Properties

  • Homogeneous coverage
  • Do not cause any stain
  • Excellent release with low dosages
  • Long term usage in foulard bath without any stickiness
  • Low viscosity / easy to use
  • Cost-effective molding operations
  • Acceptable in food contact applications
  • Optimum heat stability
  • FDA approved