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Anti-fogging Agents

Anti-fogging agents are usually surface activators that help decrease the surface tension of the water droplets that may form on the surface due to condensation. As a result, the surface tension between the water and the substrate's surface is reduced. This reduces the contact angle of the water molecules, and the water can spread out more creating a more uniform layer of water. This effect helps improve the transparency of the water droplets on the surface, and the result minimizes any lens effects the water droplets can cause. Anti-fogging agents help to make a hydrophobic uniform coating on the top of the PET sheet.

Our anti-fogging agents are silicone-based materials. They provide mold release effect, anti-fogging properties and anti-static effect. They can be used in different types of application process such as padding, nozzles and spraying. Our anti-fogging products are clear liquids with low viscosity and FDA approved.