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Applications is carried on by spray painting with Nitrotherm in sectors such as polymer, metal, wood and automotive. The air comes from the compressors used in painting is a mixture of gas. In this system, humid and other gases are removed by nitrogen filtration. The surface which you paint with pure nitrogen will be in much better quality in contrast with the normal painted one. Solvent usage will reduced as it will be levelled easily because of the smooth surface and you will enhance your working environment.

Adsorption will be much easier due to nitrogen painting. Therefore, working in low pressure will be sufficient. Overspray will reduce and your painting costs will decrease due to working in low pressure. On the other hand, waiting period will decrease with nitrogen painting and application for the next coat can be carried out. Thicker applications can also be done, as well.

Briefly, your painting costs will decrease; your productivity will increase because of not waiting to paint between coats; the quality of your work will increase due to the smoothness of the surface and solvent quantitative in your workplace will decrease because of the lowering in your solvent usage.