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Materials that offers thermal conductivity or isolation depending on the requirements. For thermal

conductivity, application conditions determine the type of materials such as gap fillers, grease,

adhesives. For thermal isolation RTV sealants will be the choice.

Long-term, reliable protection of sensitive electronic components is essential to many applications

today. Increasingly small systems and rising circuit densities have resulted in higher operating

temperatures, and driven demand for high-performance solutions for heat dissipation.

Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesives and Potting Materials

SilCool thermally conductive adhesives to help deliver thin bond lines, which contribute to low

thermal resistance while providing excellent adhesion and reliability. This series of heat-cured

adhesives excel in thermal interface applications that demand good structural adhesion. Examples

include spreaders and heat generators, and thermal interfaces to heat sinks in TIM2 applications.

SilCool TIA0220

SilCool TIA0220 neutral alkoxy cure adhesive typically cures at room temperature. It is an ideal

candidate for applications that require a high level of thermal conductivity, yet cannot employ a

heating process for curing.

Potential Applications

  • Hybrid engine parts
  • Board assemblies
  • Flat-panel displays

Snapsil TN3085

SnapSil TN3085 is a one-component, thermally conductive, low volatile siloxane, silicone adhesive

that cures at room temperature upon exposure to lic moisture. It offers primerless adhesion to many

substrates. (readmore)

Typical Applications

- Bonding in power supplies

- Thermal adhesive between electronic components and heat sinks

- Securing PCBs to substrates

Product Specifications

UL94 V-O, File no. E56745


TIA216G is a 2-component, thermally conductive potting material. Its low viscosity allows the

material to conform to intricate shapes of thermal interfaces and contributes to the reduction of

contact interference in complex designs. TIA216G quickly cures to a soft rubber, gel with exposure to

heat, and retains tacky adhesion on its cured surface.

Potential Applications

Thermal potting and gap filling in various electronic components.

Thermally Conductive Grease

SilCool* TIG1000 Silicone Grease

Momentive's SilCool TIG1000 silicone grease is an ideal candidate to consider for applications that

require good thermal conductivity, dielectric properties and workability.

Potential Applications

Hybrid engine parts

Board assemblies

Flat-panel displays

SilCool* TIG210BX

SilCool TIG210BX silicone compound from Momentive can provide high thermal conductivity while

exhibiting virtually no oil separation and minimal weight loss at elevated temperatures.

Potential Applications

  • Semiconductors
  • Circuit board assembly
  • Optoelectronics
  • Flat-panel displays


Momentive’s advanced RTV silicones are able to maintain critical properties for an extended time

over the wide range of extreme temperatures typically encountered by aircraft and spacecraft. They

remain flexible in extremely low temperatures and are thermally insulative. Our thermal protection

systems are available in paste to flowable viscosity. In addition, our aerospace thermal coating

systems offer low-outgassing and electrically dissipative formulations to accommodate a wide range

of aerospace and defense applications.

RTV31, RTV60 and RTV88

RTV31, RTV60 and RTV88 silicone rubber compounds are high temperature two-part silicone

elastomers. They are supplied ready-to-use with a base compound and DBT (dibutyl tin dilaurate) as

the standard curing agent.

Potential Applications

  • Potting and encapsulating electric motors and transformers
  • Fabrication of rubber parts
  • Casting molds for low-melting point metals
  • Release applications such as rubber rollers
  • Thermal insulation

RTV511, RTV560 and RTV577

RTV511, RTV560 and RTV577 silicone rubber compounds are low temperature two-part silicone

elastomers. They are supplied ready to use with a base compound and DBT (dibutyl tin dilaurate) as

the standard curing agent.

Potential Applications

  • Cast-in-place heat shielding
  • Thermal insulation
  • Low- and high-temperature bonding
  • Potting and encapsulation of electrical assemblies


RTV655 silicone rubber compounds are clear liquids which cure at room temperature to high

strength silicone rubber with the addition of curing agents.

Potential Applications

Protection of electronic components and assemblies against shock, vibration, moisture, ozone, dust,

chemicals, and other environmental hazards by potting or encapsulation of the components and


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