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Optical Applications

Liquid Optical Bonding for Display from Momentive

Momentive is a pioneer in developing solutions for silicone optical bonding, with a portfolio of

proven materials that are in wide use around the world. Momentive offers a wide range of off-the-

shelf solutions to help deliver design flexibility and long-term reliability to components operating

under harsh conditions.

Potential Applications

  • Displays for high ambient light environments
  • Automotive, consumer, and industrial electronics
  • Heavy-duty displays and touch-screens
  • Optical potting and other functional applications
  • Display, screen, and touch sensor layers in structure
  • Optical Bonding Advantages
  • Advanced Display Performance
  • Supports Durable and Rugged Displays
  • Enhances Display Images
  • Improves User Experience

Optical Bonding Chemicals from Panacol

In larger lens systems, two or more components are often bonded together. This is because a single

lens or prism refracts light to varying extents, resulting in a colour spectrum for a prism and

chromatic aberration in lenses. These aberrations are corrected by combining two or more lenses

made of different types of glass. Modern microscope, camera, smartphone and photography optics

often consist of three to ten separate lenses.

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