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In the Electronics Industry, we as Latro are supporting our customers with Silicone, Epoxy, and Acrylic product portfolio of Momentive Performance Materials, Panacol and Luvantix mainly. Long-term protection and assembly for electronic components or housings are the main applications. The smaller systems and denser circuits need more effective products to ensure protection against environmental factors (like high or low temperature, moisture, UV light, vibrational or mechanical shock, etc.) and to manage thermal changes to avoid any related problems in the system.

Adhesives & Sealants

  • that offers to hold different types of substrates together for assembly or to seal an enclosed system to protect from environmental factors to lengthen its operating lifetime. We can offer one part or two-part and room temperature, heat or UV cure silicone epoxy or acrylic products depending on process requirements.

Encapsulants & Potting Materials

  • that offers to protect electronic components in a housing unit from moisture or other possible harmful contaminants and from thermal, vibrational or mechanical shock. Deep cure ability is the key for potting applications. For some special cases, we can offer thermally conductive, flame retardant or low volatile containing products.

Optical Applications

  • that offers solutions for display bonding, optoelectronics, optics, and fiber optics applications. For optical bonding, optically clear and low shrinkage products can be offered. Meanwhile, fiber low index coatings, high power fibers coatings and low index optical adhesive can be offered for fiber optic applications.

Electrical Management Materials

  • that offers electrical conductivity or isolation depending on the requirements. Electrical conductivity can be provided generally silver or graphite filled epoxy, acrylate, polyimide or polyester adhesives. On the other hand, isolation can be provided by silicone dielectric gels.

Thermal Management Materials

  • that offers thermal conductivity or isolation depending on the requirements. For thermal conductivity, application conditions determine the type of materials such as gap fillers, grease, adhesives. For thermal isolation, RTV sealants will be the choice.

Lightening Applications

  • that offers solutions to lightening applications with glob top encapsulants, die-attach adhesives and thermally conductive adhesives. Adhesives and sealants will be offered for light fixture applications.

Solar Applications

  • that offers primerless adhesion and high strength for frame sealing, rail bonding, and junction box attaching. Flame resistant junction box potting, optically clear solar cell encapsulation and thermal management materials offer protection for long-term usage.