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Crop Protection Agrochemicals

Crop protection products play a vital role in agriculture to control pests and diseases. Hence applying efficient crop protection formulations is one of the most important criteria for sustainable agriculture.

Our crop protection solutions comprise cost-effective and high-performance formulations. By offering a wide range of performance chemicals like emulsifiers, wetting and dispersing agents, antifoams, and adjuvants, we support pesticide manufacturers to meet the following challenges:

  • Maximize long-term dispersion and emulsion stability
  • Reduce the formulation costs
  • Enhance the biological activity
  • Better efficiency in the field
  • Eco-friendly systems, handling and applications

We aim to contribute to more ecological solutions by focusing especially on solvent-free crop protection formulations. We offer solutions and technical support for the following pesticide formulation types:

  • Water dispersible granules - WDG
  • Wettable powders - WP
  • Suspension concentrates - SC
  • Emulsifiable concentrates - EC
  • Soluble (liquid) concentrates - SL
  • Concentrated emulsions - EW
  • Micro emulsions - EM
  • Capsule suspensions - CS

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