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Crop Nutrition Agrochemicals

Plants need, like all other living things, nutrients to survive and grow. These nutrients are supplied by fertilizers. Fertilizers are natural or artificial substances containing the chemical elements that improve the growth and productiveness of plants. They enhance the natural fertility of the soil or enrich it by the chemical elements that are lacking.

The production and use of fertilizers play a vital role in agricultural efficiency. We develop performance chemicals that increase the biological activity of fertilizers and facilitate the production processes.

We are helping the crop nutrition by:

  • Enhancing the nutrient uptake of the plant by reducing the surface tension of the irrigation water.
  • Allowing to apply more than one fertilizer in one irrigation; we save water, time, and energy.
  • Increasing the nutrients taken from the root of the plant by strengthening the root development.

An easier and more efficient fertilizer production process is possible with our performance chemicals like adjuvants, antifoam agents, anti-caking agents and granulation aids.

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