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Agricultural adjuvants improve efficiency by enhancing the performance of crop protection and crop nutrition products in the field. They can be used as a tank mix adjuvant or as an in-can additive in the product formulations. The use of adjuvants provides more sustainable agriculture because they help reduce water and resource consumption.

Advantages of using adjuvants are:

  • Increasing yields thanks to better performance and activation
  • Better spray efficiency and coverage
  • Reducing costs
  • More ecological because of less pesticide consumption
  • More sustainable because of less water consumption
  • Promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals (rain fastness)

Organic Silicone Surfactants

As Latro, we develop silicone-based solutions in the agricultural sector using our advanced know-how of silicone chemistry. We offer an extensive adjuvant range including super-spreading organomodified trisiloxanes. Our silicone surfactants improve the spray efficiency through better coverage, superior spreading, and adhesion due to decreasing the surface tension of water.

They are especially noted for their ability to lower the dynamic surface tension of aqueous solutions and can improve the degree of surface coverage and penetration of a pesticide or fertilizer. Our silicone super-spreaders can improve foliar retention and penetration or adjust the tank mix properties to improve the overall effectiveness and efficacy of the pesticides and fertilizers.

Compatibility Agent

When the farmers prefer to mix multiple fertilizers or pesticides in their irrigation tanks and try to apply them together in the field, they face the problem of precipitation due to the reaction of the raw materials with each other. With the aim of solving this problem, Blendchef MA was developed; a mixing agent which reduces the pH and provides mixing different types of fertilizers or pesticides.

Blendchef MA has the following key features and benefits:

  • Enables to formulate a mixture of fertilizers and pesticides that may precipitate when used together in a tank mixture
  • Clears the blurred water due to precipitation of fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Prevents precipitation caused by boron water
  • Works as a pH regulator
  • Adjusts the water hardness