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In Latro you'll understand, it's more than a job. We don't just offer compensation for your hard work; we celebrate, we educate, we prepare you for every stage of life. To have a solid grasp; take look at our values below.


  • Latro acknowledges each member and their achievements. So we honor them with complete compensation. Latro always offers base salaries that are competitive with leading chemical companies.
  • Representatives in technical sales positions also participate in Motivation Programs based on the specific features of the relevant industry to reward outstanding performance.

Comprehensive benefits

  • Latro cares about employees. We support employees to stay healthy by providing a quality of private health insurance.
  • Latro's holiday designs guarantee that employees renew and restore their energies. These days normally exceed legal bases.

Lifetime education & growth chances

  • For employees, lifetime education means progress not just for now but also for tomorrow. Our diverse training offers to empower employees to maximize performance and achieve their potential in every step of their professions.

Safe workplace & environment

  • We know that it is tough to lead a hard job together with a complete private life. Our flexible work design is created to help our employees balance and manage those two outlooks.
  • Our workplaces include the devices and helpful work conditions our team needs to undertake the challenges forward. And these devices and conditions meet the most crucial level of protection.

Although Latro Kimya was founded in 2009, in a very short time, it has become a company that has not stopped following innovations in the industry but started to lead the industry.

How we are enjoying our job, our goal is to provide our new colleagues to enjoy as we do while we are creating a sustainable environment. We, who believe everyone with dynamic, innovative, responsible, competent and have a sense of awareness characteristics has a place in our team, are continuing to grow rapidly and diversify in this direction.

To make a start to a task that needs responsibility with knowledge, consciousness, and devotion. New graduates or professionals, our motto is: Care, Solve, Create Value

So why not being a part of this team, each success has a story.

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