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NitrothermSpray Painting System

Nitrotherm Spray is a new spray painting method that allows you to spray with nitrogen instead of normal compressed air. It has significant advantages in terms of paint and solvent saving, productivity, quality and respect for the environment. This system allows you to paint at lower pressure, with an inert fluid as a carrier and at a constant temperature.

What's Important

Creating win-win relationships with our customers is important because a satisfied customer is the best strategic feature of a company. With our machines you will save paint in order to pay back the system in less than 1 year. Among our customers there are all the companies which paint their own products or third parties ones. The painting industry is present all over the world. It’s a growing industry and in a lot of countries the governments increase the environmental requirements for these companies: reduction of solvent use, enlower pollution and so on. NitrothermSpray machines can help solving this problem by reducing the use of solvents and paint with very good return of investment. Both the technology and the devices are internationally patented and can be provided only by the companies authorised by Eurosider sas.

Nitrothermspray machine can produce nitrogen directly from the compressed air using a polymeric membrane (“molecular discriminator”).

In order to separate the nitrogen enriched flow from the compressed air, 3 principles are used:

hollow fibres: the most advantageous geometrical form for membrane processes (large density of filtering surface, low energy consumption);

selective permeation: each gas has a characteristic permeation rate that represents its ability to dissolve and diffuse through a membrane; it is therefore possible to separate gases such oxygen, helium, water vapour (permeated) from nitrogen, argon (concentrated);

tangent flow: avoids the accumulation of permeated molecules, the membrane is not subject to progressive contamination since the exhaust gases are eliminated at atmospheric pressure.

Why using Nitrogen and NitrothermSpray?

The molecules of nitrogen are colourless, odorless, tasteless and inert. Nitrogen constitutes the 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere (is the most widely spread gas in the air). This system allows you to paint at lower pressure, with an inert fluid as a carrier and at a constant temperature. It has significant advantages in terms of paint and solvent savings, productivity, quality and respect for the environment.



Reduction of the overspray (up to 30% paint saving)

Less maintenance for booth and filters

Up to 30% increase in productivity

Less than one year return of investment


Increasing of the transfer efficiency

Reduction or elimination of the waiting time in the coating process (wet on wet)

Reduction of the application time by 25 - 50%


Remotion of surface moisture

Reduction of “orange peel”

Improvement of colour matching

100% control of delivery


Up to 50% reduction of solvent consumption

Reduction of VOC emissions

Environmental certification access


Reduction in outlet pressure

Elimination of the major uncontrollable variables in spray painting

Extreme temperature or humidity has no effect on the process


"Polymers Industry"

We are present in the polymers industry specially with NitrothermSpray destatic version, in companies that paint electronic devices, PVC windows, packaging of cosmethics and internal components for automotive. By using NitrothermSpray, they manage to reach high quality standards and reduce the consumption.

"Metal Industry"

Our technology fits to all the applications in the metal industry sector. We have installed the NitrothermSpray device in various companies, starting from the ones that paint small pieces, until the ones that paint trains and planes.

"Wood Industry"

The nitrogen is an inert and anhydrous gas (its dew point is less than -40°C). That’s why it is the ideal fluid for painting on wood surfaces. By using NitrothermSpray, the percentage of micro bubbles between the finish coat and the substrate is being halved, making it ideal also for painting with glue.


The bodyshops have been the first customers of Nitrotherm Spray. In Italy more than 400 medium size bodyshops now are using our system. All the customers agree that with Nitrotherm Spray they can have much cleaner finishing, excellent paint savings, up to 40%, and the reduction of the painting and drying time.


The Nitrotherm Spray technology is present in the automotive industry, starting from the big car producers, that use robot painting lines, through medium producers that paint, manually or with robots, lights, pannels, bumpers and so on, until the companies that manually paint small components.

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