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The Maxfoam Process, invented by Laader Berg, is based upon a number of components that combine to create optimal foam quality.

On a Maxfoam™ machine the freshly mixed liquid chemicals are piped from the mixer into the bottom fed Multi-trough. Here the initial reaction takes place before the expanding foam flows on to the bottom paper.

The foaming Multi-trough evenly distributes the foam-cream between the sidewalls. The Multi-trough outlet is set at 70 % of the final block-height, and the volume of the trough is adapted to the formulation and output.

The fall-plate is adapted to the necessary length and configuration in such a way as to allow the foam to reach the horizontal conveyor as a fully expanded block. Number of fall-plate sections, length and angles are designed and adjustable to the formulation and output.

Foam expansion takes place over the inclined fall-plates, using the gravity forces which expand downwards, eliminating friction between foam and sidepaper.

The full expansion of the foam is reached at the end of the fall-plate.

Maxfoam is the world’s most used and preferred foaming process. Due to the optimization of the Maxfoam Basic Process, only Laader Berg can provide the unique and tailored solutions that allow you to produce flexible polyurethane foams at optimal foam economy and qualities.