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Micro Silicone Emulsions

Silicone emulsions are varied according to the particle size. There are three different types of emulsions which are micro, semi-macro and macro.

Micro silicone emulsions with a particle size up to 50 nm and they are transparent and stable in appearance. Depending on the particle sizes, the properties of silicones on fabrics also vary. Micro silicon emulsions have a small particle size. Therefore they penetrate fiber and in deep of fabrics, in addition to surface slipperiness, they provide good softness and wrinkle-free properties.

It has a thermodynamically stable condition even though it's an amino-functional silicone oil emulsion.

Key properties of micro silicone emulsions;

  • Clearness appearance
  • Generally low viscosity
  • Plumping and lubricious touch
  • Effective fabric softening
  • Can cause yellowing on textile (it depends on silicone polymer types)
  • Brighter and gloss to the fabric
  • Optical and resin strength.
  • Can be used padding(foulard) systems
  • Can be cationic, slightly cationic or nonionic (it depends on silicone polymer types)
  • Prevents adhesion