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Macro Silicone Emulsions

Emulsions containing various silicone oils with a particle size above 120 nm are called macro silicone emulsions. Macro emulsions provide excellent silkiness due to their large molecular structures and also reduce pilling problems that may occur on the fabric surface over time. Macro silicone emulsions have a milky white appearance. When the structure of the macro silicone emulsions is examined, the hydrophobic structure is more dominant because of the low HLB value.

The properties of macro silicone emulsions:

  • Soft, silky hand feel
  • High surface smoothness
  • Color deepening
  • Improves the crease recovery
  • Compatible with resin finishing agents
  • Improves the sewability
  • Color intensifying properties
  • Improves wash and wear properties
  • Can be applied by foulard (padding)
  • Dilutable with water