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Industries > Textile & Leather & Denim

Latro Kimya, which works with raw material and concentrated products and finds solutions in different type of applications such as textile, denim and leather.

While giving technical support about formulations and production technology to the customers, as well as meeting new generation product ranges and new production types. Accordingly to your problems and end user requests, we are really pleasured to give you some innovative ideas by the help of our own laboratory - Wonderlab .

The services about textile & leather & denim applications;

•Latest Techonological Developments in Silicone Finishing

•Future Market Trends in Textiles

•Production knowledge & improvement

•Tailor Made Guide formulations

•Laboratory service

Target points for textile & leather & denim applications;

-New generation coating solutions which can change market trends in denim fashion industry with “RTV silicones”

-Against commodity softening agents new solutions have extremely high stability / performance / hydrophilicity … for textile finishing applications with “(AB)n Polimers”

-Eco friendly hydrophobic solutions for leather ındustry with “carboxyl silicones”