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Silicone Printing Technology is getting popular in the textile printing industry. Generally, Plastisol(PVC) and water-based PA/PU ink systems have been used widely by the printers. However, There are serious facts about Plastisol and water-based inks, such as low washing and ironing resistance, poor hand feel, low elongation.

On the other hand, some of the inks contain petroleum-based and toxic materials.Due to this reason. Many companies have decided to work with silicone with its high elongation, high washing, and ironing durability to produce high-end apparel products. Another reason is that silicone ink is environment friendly compared with other types of ink such as water-based, PVC and its plasticizers.

Latro silicone printing inks which are formulated application-based offer unique product range for their suitable applications.

What makes LATRO Silicone ink special?

-Latro Printing silicones are formulated application-based

-Excellent physical properties such as tear and tensile strength, elongation, washing, and ironing durability

-Easy colorability

-Long Pot Life > 48hours

-Fast curing under temperature

-environment friendly

-no - toxic substances