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Silicone elastomers or silicone elastomeric most often refers to silicone-based polymers that have been vulcanized.

Silicone elastomers consist of Condensation cure and Addition cure grades according to chemistry. Selection of suitable type of product depends upon required manufacturing process, handling requirements, cure conditions, equipment and desired material properties.

    ·Condensation Cure: Cure to form an elastic silicone rubber when exposed to moisture in the environment at room temperature. One part systems are categorized into acetoxy, alkoxy or oxime based upon the byproducts that form during curing.

    ·Addition Cure: Cure to form an elastic silicone rubber when exposed to elevated heat or room temperature.

Key benefits of silicone elastomers are:

• High temperature resistance and low temperature flexibility

• Stability against ageing by UV, ozone and harsh weather conditions

• Physiological inertness and applicability in food applications and skin contact

• High hydrophobicity and low surface energy

• Neutral odor, taste and color

• Solvent free

• Soft touch

There are many application areas for silicone elastomers: Textile, Electronics, Home appliance, Consumer goods, Optical application, Medical etc,

As a Latro, we are working with our partners closely to develop new products or select the right products for each business segment.