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As Latro Kimya we provide solutions to undesirable foam. In production systems, foam is formed due to pump, free pressure, mixing or chemicals used. Foam formation is a problem that must be eliminated in all industrial processes. Foam breakers are chemical agents that prevent the formation of foam by reducing the surface tension of a suspension or emulsion. We offer different solutions for every industrial process with silicone compound, silicone emulsion or mineral oil based defoamer emulsions for process conditions. In line with our customers' expectations; The first foam break point that we call knock-down, or our foam breakers which are strong at the point of durability, are terminating the foam problems. In addition, our FDA-approved foam cutters offer reliable products to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

We aim to increase the production capacity of our customers with our technical support simultaneously with our procurement process. You will save a lot of space while increasing your production speed with high compatibility foam cutters that comply with the process conditions.