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In the Automotive Industry, we as Latro are supporting our customers to make cars lighter, stronger, safer, more durable and more efficient by coating, bonding or potting applications. Hard coating applications on plastic substrates, conformal coating of PCBs, bonding without vibrational or mechanical stress and potting with dielectric insulation are the key applications among the OEMs and automotive manufacturers.


  • that offers to sustain the color, gloss, light transmission and physical properties of polymers like polycarbonate and PMMA. As the requirements and expectations are getting higher in terms of weather ability, cleanability and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and solvents, Momentive Hardcoats offer long-term exterior durability and performance.

Adhesives & Sealants

  • that offer to hold different types of substrates together for assembly or to seal an enclosed system to protect from environmental factors to lengthen its operating lifetime. We can offer one part or two-part and room temperature, heat or UV cure silicone epoxy or acrylic products depending on process requirements.

Encapsulants & Potting Materials

  • that offer to protect electronic components in a housing unit from moisture or other possible harmful contaminants and from thermal, vibrational or mechanical shock. Deep cure ability is the key for potting applications. For some special cases, we can offer thermally conductive, flame retardant or low volatile containing products.

Optical Bonding Materials

  • that offer to protect displays against high and low temperatures, vibration, shock, humid environments and to lower reflections while enhancing the resolutions. Main idea is to protect vehicle screens against challenging conditions.