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Although Latro Kimya was founded in 2009, it has become a company which have not stopped following innovations in the industry but started to lead the industry in a very short time.

How we, as the employees of Latro Kimya, are enjoying our job, our goal is to provide our new colleagues to enjoy like we do. We, who believes everyone with dynamic, innovative, responsible, competent and have sense of awareness characteristics has a place in our team, are continuing to grow rapidly and diversify in this direction.

To make a start to a task which needs responsibility with knowledge, joy and devotion. New starters to their career or experts of their field, our slogan is: Enjoy, Be a Partner, Create Value

We are a team who believes that we will smile and win as long as we make these concepts happen. So why not being a part of this team, each success has a story.

Contact us via if you want to write your own story and play an important role in ours.