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Latro has developed a high-quality service at supplying and marketing sustainable chemical raw materials and solutions. Our comprehensive solutions served in an extensive spectrum of industries, such as Textile, Cosmetics, Agriculture, RTV silicones, and Industrial applications.

Having extensive knowledge for a large-scale spectrum of chemical products, Latro shows how advanced chemical proficiency can serve clients effectively and economically. We believe that the best way to assist our customers is to continue our trustworthy, transparent profile with caring for the world.

Latro offers technical support, new product development, and sufficient solution suggestions for pre and after-sales. The key factors that separate us from most of the other chemical companies are our chemistry know-how, technical logistics, client-oriented technical solutions, specialty products, and product development studies. With these assets, we set our target higher not only providing the products but eliminating the problems our customers can encounter.

To fulfill our commitment better we established “Wonderlab”, a laboratory specialized in research and product development. This facility allows us to develop new formulation solutions as well as product characterizations. Wonderlab is also a laboratory where our customers can experiment with the products and formulations with us. Latro aims to invest further into research by supporting young researchers, acquiring new equipment, and providing laboratory experience to customers.

The Latro team has a multidisciplinary background making each member a hardworking sales manager and a qualified scientist. The multidirectional profile of our team members allows Latro to accomplish satisfaction for customers’ needs.